Kapu, pāpā 'ia, malu.
    Kinds of taboo: 'ili kapu, 'ānoho, kapu moe, kapu ā moe, kapu noho, kapuwō, kua'ā, kuapala, kualoi, kualoiloi, kuakapu, haohaoa, pu'ukoāmaka, ho'omamao lani, kahapouli, 'iu, 'ōhi'a, mau'u mae.
    Taboo place, enclosure, wahi kapu, pālama, humu, paehumu, kai hehe'e.
    Freed of taboo, noa, ka'anī'au.
    Taboo mark, kiko.
    Taboo sign or marker, pūlo'ulo'u, pahu kapu, pāhoa, nī'au.
    Taboo flag, lepa.
    Taboo ceremony, kauila, kauwila.
    Taboo borders, hu'a kapu.
    Taboo-surrounded, kūkapu.
    Taboo night, kuapola, ka'apola; pō kūloa (hula).
    Disrespectful of taboo, hō'auwae.
    Without observance of taboo, kū.
    To lay a taboo, ho'okapu, ho'olāhui, kamakini.
    To remove a taboo, ho'onoa, kalahu'a, pī kai 'ōlena.
    To stretch the taboo cord, kākai.
    To break, as taboo, see break.
    Taboo on approaching the back of a chief: kua'ā, kua liholiho, kua kapu, kualoi. See Kāne-hono-i-ka-pa'a.

English-Hawaiian dictionary. 2015.


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